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Geodesy and Glaciology



1868Foundation of the Commission for European Grade Measurement under the chairmanship of academy member Prof. Dr. Carl Maximilian von Bauernfeind
1889First photogrammetric survey of the Vernagtferner, Ötztal Alps, by academy member Prof. Dr. Sebastian Finsterwalder
1962Foundation of the Commission for Glaciology under the chairmanship of academy member Prof. Richard Finsterwalder
Since 1964Determination of the annual and seasonal mass balances of the Vernagtferner

Special Research Programme 78 “Satellite Geodesy” of the German Research Foundation


Special Research Programme 81 “Runoff in Channels” of the German Research Foundation

Since 1974

Recording of the runoff from the glacier area at the Vernagtbach gauging station (2640 m)


Merger of the Bavarian Commissiom for International Geodesy and the Commission for Glaciology into the Commission for Geodesy and Glaciology

2010Foundation of the Centre of Geodetic Earth System Research (CGE) as an association of geodetic research institutions in the Munich area consisting of the KEG, the IAPG (Institute for Astronomical and Physical Geodesy) and the FESG (Research Facility Satellite Geodesy) of the TU Munich and the DGFI (German Geodetic Research Institute)