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Geodesy and Glaciology


Webcam Vernagtferner

At the Schwarzkögele, southeast of the Vernagtferner, a camera overlooking the Vernagtferner is installed at a height of 3070 m, which takes several pictures each day. The mountain in the middle of the photo is the top of the Hochvernagtspitze.

Webcam archive

In our archive you will find all pictures recorded by the camera at the Schwarzkögele since 2010.

Sometimes visitors come to the glacier, but then they go again.

Comparison 2010 - 2023

A time-lapse sequence taken by the automated camera at the end of the ablation season, before the first snow, shows the recession of the glacier. A time series starting in 2000 taken by an analogue camera nearby can be found here.

Comparison with a historical photo from 1889

One of the photographs, that were taken in 1889 for the first survey of Vernagtferner, was shot close to the position of our automatic camera. The comparison of both images illustrates not only to the decline in glacier area from 11.6 km2 to 6.9 km2 but also the volume loss caused by the ice thickness decrease.